I suffer from Fibromyalgia and often have high levels of muscle pain and tension. I have been seeing Sharon for massages for the last four years or so and this has helped tremendously with my symptoms. The staff are friendly, professional, skilled & I am very pleased with the service I have received.
— Matthew Ackroyd

In January of this year, I made some important health choices to help improve my quality of life. After years of suffering chronic pain from a history of sports injuries and unsuccessful attempts to heal the pain through physiotherapy and chiropractic I committed myself, as a last resort, to enrolling deep tissue massage therapy. To help understand the level of my discomfort I had been heavily reliant on prescription neuromuscular blockers and opiates for over 20 years. In all honesty my first sessions were quite uncomfortable as the therapists worked on breaking down heavy scar tissue that was throughout the majority of my back. I could feel the positive effects of the treatments right from the start. After a couple months I included acupuncture and cupping sessions to help with the pain management as well.

I am very happy to share that since I started my therapy at All Deep Massage I have not taken any prescription medication for the pain.

I continue my deep tissue massage on a weekly basis as my back has not felt this good in years! I also am enjoying the energy and overall wellness that my body feels from the acupuncture and cupping treatments that have been introduced in my healing plan as well!

To anyone who questions the effectiveness of these treatments I can tell you that the benefits far exceed the cost. To live a life that is pain free without dependencies on prescription medication is well worth it!
Thank you to all the staff at All Deep Massage.

— Gary Hanlon

I want to take a moment to describe an extremely positive experience delivered through All-Deep Massage & Wellness Clinic. A few months ago, playing hockey, I injured my upper hamstring (technically known as my lower bum muscle) to such an extent that I had difficulty climbing stairs and had a pronounced limp. From experience, it was clear to me that simple heat/cold therapy was not going to give me much relief in the short term. I was encouraged by a friend to try acupuncture at All Deep. This was my very first time “under the needle”. Here’s how it turned out: When I entered the clinic, my pain was at about an *8 out of 10*. After a one-hour treatment focusing on the specific area of injury, and related areas as advised by the practitioner, I left All Deep with a pain level around a *2 out of 10*. The pain never returned, and the recovery period for this particular injury was accelerated by what I estimate to be about 2 weeks. I want to thank the people at All-Deep for fitting me in on short notice, and for giving me such a great experience as an acupuncture newbie, and for their continued professionalism and dedication to their craft. Today I continue to seek acupuncture as both a remedial and a preventive measure in my health program.

For anyone wondering about the efficacy of acupuncture, I would strongly recommend the All-Deep team.

— Gord Cruikshank

I have seen several different massage therapists on a regular basis for the past several years after my car accident in 1999. Then a couple of years ago my sister introduced me to Erin at All Deep Massage and after my first massage with her I was hooked. I found what I was looking for and I knew as long as she was in business, I was going to her! Ever since I have been seeing her, my headaches have stopped all together, the soreness in my back has significantly decreased and she helped me a lot with my first pregnancy. With having soreness in my back for many years I thought that being pregnant was going to be a toll on my body. With seeing Erin regularly throughout my pregnancy, she helped decrease any discomfort that I was having on my lower back to almost nothing! Thanks Erin and I can’t wait for my next massage!

— Vannessa Brown

I am taking the time to write this message because of the excellent experience I have had with the All Deep team. My work requires lots of time either in front of a computer, or in the seat of a vehicle on long drives. Both situations leave me with tightness throughout my neck and upper back area. Furthermore, I am quite active in various sports, so invariably have soreness in my legs and/or lower back. Regular visits to All Deep have allowed me relief for all of these situations in as few as a couple treatments. I am privileged to have been treated by several of the therapists and although each has a unique style, all have been very effective. Congratulations to the team for their dedication and commitment to their profession, and for anyone seeking massage therapy, I would personally recommend any of the folks at All Deep.

— Gord Cruikshank

I have been a client of All Deep Massage for the past 2.5 years. I was referred to Erin by an RMT from another clinic that had been working on me after I suffered a high-velocity motor vehicle accident. The first RMT was going to be stopping practice and referred me to Erin at All Deep Massage. She knew what my issues were and that I required a skilled therapist that would be able to get down to a deep level on the back muscles, which were injured. At the beginning, I was having weekly massages as well as weekly Intra-Muscular Stimulation sessions by a physiotherapist. Erin’s skill at massage has eased the pain and helped my muscles recover. It was a long process as she had to work through all the various layers of muscles. After many months of going weekly I was able to reduce down to bi-weekly now tri-weekly to maintain the progress that has been achieved.

From a client service perspective the people at All Deep have been very accommodating in scheduling appointments. They have been able to provide last-minute cancellation appointments via a wait list, which some clinics don’t do. They also don’t give any problems when one has to re-schedule; the level of service has been consistent during the time that I’ve been a client. The premises is always spotless, not just the reception area but also the massage rooms and washroom.

Over the years I have attended many therapists for various issues and I have not experienced the same level of service, and relief from my symptoms. For example I had a shoulder that I couldn’t move and I was unable to raise my arm above shoulder height. I had gone to physiotherapy for treatment as well as other massage therapists but didn’t receive any relief. Erin suspected the problem was because they may not have treated the 3rd rotator cuff muscle located within the shoulder, which is accessed through the armpit. I said nobody has done this to me so she did it and after only 3 treatments I was able to reach above shoulder height, and after a few more treatments I was able to reach around behind my back and touch my shoulder blade. Now I only require maintenance treatments on it.

I have recommended Erin and All Deep Massage to many of my friends and coworkers and will continue to do so when they mention they have issues with pain.
— Carmine von Tettenborn

I have been a client of Erin McKain for about a year before she moved to All Deep Massage in Sherwood Park 4 years ago. I work in a very high-stress job and have a very physical lifestyle, meaning I am in a lot of discomfort by the time I see her. When I walk in (actually running because I’m always in a hurry), my shoulders are practically in my ears. After a 1 hour massage I walk out feeling relaxed and ready to take on what the world has to offer. It is very therapeutic not only physically, but the mental benefit is worth its weight in gold. It’s my only time to escape the world and do something that is strictly for me, and my weekly appointment quite honestly has been my saving grace.

Almost 2 years ago I introduced my boyfriend Kirk to Erin. Kirk is also in a very high-stress job, has soft tissue injuries due to numerous vehicle and work-related accidents, and suffers from chronic pain. After years seeing different therapists, he now swears by Erin and Lorraine, All Deep’s acupuncturist, on a weekly basis for pain control. He gives them both 2 thumbs up!
— Cathie Stewart

Thank goodness for All Deep Massage & Wellness Clinic! Spring 2008, I arrived at the clinic for a massage 10 months after a serious fall while working. At the time, I was in so much pain that I didn’t even want to be touched as I had chronic pain in my knees, hips, back and neck!

Owner, Manager & Registered Massage Therapist, Erin McKain, became my massage therapist. Her careful and skilled deep tissue massage techniques helped to break the chronic and persistent pain cycle that I was experiencing. In combination with physiotherapy, I began a slow return to a more normal way of living.

A few years later, I experienced a setback with a sciatica attack. This led Erin to quickly assess and immediately suggest acupuncture treatments with her colleagues at the clinic. Again, skilled hands and practices techniques provided early intervention, which led to respite and relief from what can be an extremely painful condition. Happily the sciatic pain has been eased and the symptoms remain at bay.

As for the chronic pain resulting from the earlier workplace injury, I’m not pain free but I am certainly experiencing relief from the pain. The relief has allowed me to enjoy some of the things that I love to do. I feel like I’ve gotten a part of my life back, which I had feared would never return. I want to thank the All Deep team for all your hard work & dedication. You have helped me so, so much!
— Margaret Nickel

I feel most fortunate in having Erin as my massage therapist. She is the most capable of meeting my therapeutic and mobility needs. Her treatments have allowed me to continue working and have made my pain manageable. I’ve made massage therapy an integral and regular part of my total wellness plan. Her healing hands have been both a necessity and a gift for a greater quality of life. I can’t wait for my next massage!
— Kathy Arndt