Scientists Finally Prove Why Cold Weather Makes You Sick

New research reveals that cold weather makes it harder to fight off a cold infection.

How to Beat Cold & Flu Season

  It’s the season for getting sick.  How do you keep the germs away?   Find Out How One Acupuncturist Beats Cold and Flu Season      

Hip Joint Pain in Women is Becoming More Common

  Why have hip replacements increased by 40% among 45 – 54 year olds?

Acupuncture Alleviates Depression And Benefits The Brain

  The beauty of acupuncture is that you can treat the source of your depression and bring your body back into balance with or without pharmaceutical medicines – and it has an immediate effect, you feel better both during and after a treatment.

14 Warning Signs Your Adrenals are Burnt Out and What You Need to Fix Them

  Chronic stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, a condition that rears its ugly head in many different ways. If you’re noticing these common symptoms, follow this guide to start reversing the problem.

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