How to Beat Cold & Flu Season

  It’s the season for getting sick.  How do you keep the germs away?   Find Out How One Acupuncturist Beats Cold and Flu Season      

Hip Joint Pain in Women is Becoming More Common

  Why have hip replacements increased by 40% among 45 – 54 year olds?

Acupuncture Alleviates Depression And Benefits The Brain

  The beauty of acupuncture is that you can treat the source of your depression and bring your body back into balance with or without pharmaceutical medicines – and it has an immediate effect, you feel better both during and after a treatment.

14 Warning Signs Your Adrenals are Burnt Out and What You Need to Fix Them

  Chronic stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, a condition that rears its ugly head in many different ways. If you’re noticing these common symptoms, follow this guide to start reversing the problem.

Have You Used Up Your Health Benefits?

This is a reminder to check you extended health benefits. Most plans roll over at the end of the calendar year, have you used yours up? The next few months get very busy. Book in now and secure the spots you want!  

7 Tips for a Healthy Fall

  Fall has started! Here’s how to stay healthy.   7 Acupuncture Tips for a Healthy Fall

Acupuncture for Depression

  Acupuncture offers a different perspective on depression. If you or someone you love is suffering, this new lens may be helpful. Acupuncture for Depression

MS, Massage

Regular Massage Therapy Eases Pain and Fatigue of MS

A small pilot study found that regular massage therapy given to people with multiple sclerosis significantly reduced their pain and fatigue, and helped to ease spasticity. Regular Massage Therapy Eases Pain and Fatigue of MS, Small Study Reports

sick in summer

12 Summer Self Care Tips from Acupuncturists

Being sick in summer is the worst! Check out these self-care tips from acupuncturists for staying healthy all summer long. 12 Summer Self-Care Tips from Acupuncturists

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