Most people would gladly schedule a massage every day if time and money were no object. Even if massage therapy was nothing but a relaxation tool, that alone would be worth it. As it is, massage treatment is one of the greatest tools for eliminating stress, increasing flexibility, and promoting overall well-being. This makes it one of the most effective preventative medicines around!

You may not be able to justify daily trips to a massage therapist, but monthly visits could have a tremendous impact on your health. Once you understand the benefits of “maintenance massage,” you’ll want to make it a part of your monthly routine. And signing up for a massage package allows you to enjoy the same high-quality treatment for less.

Benefits of Maintenance Massage

Most people schedule a massage to treat backaches, muscle tightness, and sports injuries. While massage therapy can certainly help you heal from chronic and acute pain, this practice is akin to only taking your car to a mechanic when it breaks down. Sure, the mechanic can get it back up and running, but you’ll have car trouble far more often if you don’t maintain it regularly.

Whether you like it or not, your body sustains wear and tear as you go about your daily life. You feel less limber and less energetic with each passing year. Just as oil changes and tire rotations make your car more reliable, maintenance massage helps your body function at its peak.

If you want to stay in tip-top shape, consider scheduling regular massages, regardless of whether you feel pain or muscle tension. Your visit will include the massage of your choice, based on any chronic conditions you have or your needs and goals for the future. Not only do you enjoy the benefits of the massage itself, but your therapist also looks at your major muscle groups, checks for any adhesions that may be forming, and addresses previous problem areas. You can also discuss any at-home stretches or exercises you should be doing.

While different types of massage aim to fix different problems, you can expect these benefits no matter what massage you get:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Less muscle tension
  • Improved circulation
  • Boosted immune performance
  • Improved posture
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Pain relief

Is Maintenance Massage Right for Me?

Maintenance massage is beneficial for anyone who wants to slow down the wear and tear on their body. If you live a sedentary or semi-active lifestyle, massage therapists recommend scheduling a massage every four to six weeks. If you’re more physically active or have a labor-intensive job that requires you to perform repetitive movements, you may want more frequent massages. Even if you have a stressful desk job or work with young children all day, regular massage treatment can help you remain mentally and emotionally healthy.

It’s also wise for competitive athletes to incorporate maintenance massage into their training routine. For instance, if you’re preparing for a race or competition, consider scheduling two massages spaced two days apart, three to five days before the event. This loosens any muscles that have been overworked and addresses any problem areas that may be forming before they start to impact your performance. Then, schedule another massage after the race or following any strenuous workout. You don’t have to get injured to enjoy the faster recovery time that massage therapy provides!

Sign Up for a Massage Maintenance Package

If you’re like most people, you don’t need much convincing to understand how regular massages can benefit your health. The issue may be paying for professional massages from a licensed and registered massage therapist.

At All Deep Massage & Wellness Clinic, we want to make preventative massages as affordable as possible. That’s why we put together our massage maintenance packages. We offer 10 x 60-minute massages for $855, regularly $950. That’s like getting 10 massages for the price of nine!

You might also be interested in our mini massage maintenance package—get 5 x 60-minute massages for $427.50, regularly $475. That’s a 10% savings! Packages for 30- and 45-minute massages are also available. Check it out along with the rest of our great deals on our promotions page.

All Deep Massage & Wellness Clinic has been serving residents of Sherwood Park and the surrounding areas since 2007. Every massage therapist we hire has at least 2200 hours of formal training before joining our team. Thanks to our dedication and experience, we’re confident we can provide exceptional services based on your individual needs and goals. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of maintenance massage for yourself, please contact us today at 780-416-0659, or book your next appointment online.