Vitamin D Vegetables

Can Vitamin D Lower Your Risk of COVID-19?

“Being deficient in vitamin D may increase your susceptibility to overall infection and disease by harming immune function. This is especially worrisome given that many people are deficient in vitamin D, especially older individuals who are most at risk of developing serious COVID-19-related complications.”

Deep Tissue Massage at All Deep Massage & Wellness Clinic

This is How Massage Helps Build a Healthy Immune System

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, no one should be giving or receiving massage therapy. However, it is worth noting that receiving regular massage may contribute to a healthier immune system and should be a part of everyone’s self-care routine once the pandemic has ended.   This is How Massage Helps Build a […]

Cupping Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park, AB

Cupping Therapy – What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment that originated in China. This process involves placing cups on the skin to create suction; this helps in pulling skin, tissue and muscles upward healing pain and improving blood flow. These special cups are made of glass, bamboo, silicone and earthenware. A therapist uses flammable substances or a rubber […]

Sitting diseases explained by All Deep Massage & Wellness Clinic

Sitting Disease

What are the risks of too much sitting?

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