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Acupuncture To Treat Raynaud's Syndrome in Sherwood Park, AB

Acupuncture Treatment for Raynaud’s Syndrome

About Raynaud’s Phenomenon A rare condition in which blood vessels react in an extreme way to cold or stress, Raynaud’s phenomenon is named for the French medical student who first described it in 1862. It is sometimes called Raynaud’s syndrome or Raynaud’s disease, but it’s not a disease, it’s just a variant of the body’s […]

Acupuncture for Tendonitis Treatment in Sherwood Park, AB

Acupuncture Is An Effective Treatment For Tendonitis

Located in Sherwood Park, AB, All Deep Massage & Wellness Clinic offers a variety of therapies, in a holistic and collaborative approach to health and wellness. One of the treatments we offer is acupuncture, which has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions. One of these conditions […]

Acupuncture for Alopecia Treatment in Sherwood Park, AB

Can Acupuncture Help with Alopecia?

All Deep Massage and Wellness works to help people achieve greater health and vitality, offering a variety of therapies, in a warm, inviting atmosphere that promotes healing. Our treatments include deep-tissue massage, reflexology, cupping, electroacupuncture, and acupuncture, for a variety of health conditions. Many people seek these treatments for relaxation and pain relief, yet are […]


What are Acupuncture Points, and How Do They Work?

Acupuncture is an ancient bodywork technique with thousands of years of history in traditional Chinese medicine. Even so, the Western world only began accepting and utilizing acupuncture about 50 years ago. The overall concept of acupuncture is that the body has energy running through it, called Qi. The energy flows through defined pathways known as […]

Female Having Acupuncture Treatment With Expert in Sherwood Park, AB

Does Acupuncture Work for Stress and Anxiety Relief?

Anxiety affects everyone from time to time, but for some people, it’s a chronic, debilitating disorder. Managing severe anxiety is tricky because one of the most common treatments, psychotherapy, may not provide results for months. Another management technique is to take anxiety medication, but this can have serious side effects. That’s why more people are […]

All Deep Acupuncture

Can Acupuncture Relieve Sciatica Pain?

The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the human body. It comprises five nerve roots that originate in the lower back, travel through the hip and buttocks, make their way down the back of each leg, and end just below the knee. The sciatic nerve then branches into other nerves that continue […]

Acupuncture in Sherwood Park, AB

Can Acupuncture Help with Nerve Pain?

Do you have numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation in your hands or feet? Does walking on hard or cold surfaces feel like stepping on broken glass? Are you struggling with muscle weakness or changes in your ability to move? These are symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, a condition that can result from infections, traumatic injuries, […]

Relaxation Massage in Sherwood Park

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Massage therapy offers many physical and psychological benefits. If you’ve ever had a professional massage, you can attest to this yourself. But this begs the question—how often should you get a massage? An occasional massage to relax and relieve stress is just right for some people. But others find that regular sessions are necessary to […]

Maintenance Massage in Sherwood Park

What is RAPID NeuroFascial Reset?

Are you tired of dealing with chronic pain or discomfort following an injury? Have traditional techniques failed to solve the problem? If so, RAPID NeuroFascial Reset could be right for you. RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, or RAPID NFR, is a relatively new, hands-on technique used to release restricted joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The progressive, […]

Maintenance Massage in Sherwood Park

The Benefits of a Massage Maintenance Package

Most people would gladly schedule a massage every day if time and money were no object. Even if massage therapy was nothing but a relaxation tool, that alone would be worth it. As it is, massage treatment is one of the greatest tools for eliminating stress, increasing flexibility, and promoting overall well-being. This makes it […]

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